There are many reasons people visit Mwanza. Located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria it is also a gateway to the western parks of Tanzania and provides access to the world renowned Serengeti National Park and to. You can also visit the Ngorongoro Crater and the little island of Rubondo.

Tanzania’s commitment to the preservation of wildlife is also visible in its addition to its national parks - the tiny Saanane Island National Park. Mwanza is also an important cog in the mining industry of Tanzania. Its mine yields diamonds and gold.

A trip is only as good as the method to get there is.  If you want to explore Mwanza, the Lake Victoria shoreline and the northern safari circuit of Tanzania, it makes sense to have vehicular support in Mwanza. 

This is where having a reliable car service provider is of essence. Africa is a vast continent and covering large distances on your trip is mandatory. You need a vehicle that is strong, tough,  and reliable and a service that’s dependable, night and day, come rain or shine. It should also be one that understands the climate of the place and the conditions of the roads.

This is where Dolphin Tours and Safaris Ltd comes in. A company that’s been around for twenty years, it clearly understands how the needs and the type of the traveler have changed and grown with the times. Today, Dolphin caters not only to the tourist but also to the business traveler and the worker. In fact, it’s one of the most reputed providers to the vast mining industry in the Mwanza region.

No matter the size of your travelling group, or the terrain you wish to cover,  you’ll be able to find the perfect fit from a 150 strong fleet of vehicles. In fact, if it’s a large group, Dolphin will help with organizing tours too.

If you’d like to do some driving on your own, you can hire a vehicle for that. If a driver is what you’d prefer, then let our knowledgeable drivers guide you throughout your trip. Whether it’s a luxury car rental, SUV, a work-horse or a pickup rental, we will provide the appropriate vehicle.

Tanzania is vast and unlike in an urban setting; a vehicle issue here can have huge consequences. Being stranded on a holiday adventure is no fun at all. Apart from missing out on planned tours, you might even miss connecting flights

Dolphin Tours understands this predicament and the urgency that it comes with. Its Mobile Garage is a fully equipped service van that makes maintenance even in the bush feel easy. No more worry because of a vehicular breakdown. Each car comes with Comprehensive Insurance and clients are urged to avail of this facility.

Part of our expertise in handling a crisis and of equipping our vehicles with the best comes from our vast experience in the mining and exploration sector. Mines are situated in remote areas, and teams travel for weeks on end without encountering too many human habitations.

There’s no question whatsoever of using a vehicle that’s not at the top of its game and capable of dealing with the terrain. The same thoroughness is what Dolphin brings to all users of its services.

Book online, providing your dates and the number in your party. Then select from what we offer, book with instant confirmation and payment. Then receive your reservation details on your email.

Safari holidays are made easy, thanks to Dolphin. Enjoy your trip of a lifetime full of adventure and excitement and rest assured that the company will take you to wherever you need to go. Take home only lovely memories facilitated by our vehicles.

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